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places 23 º 12:30 Sat 2/20/2016

There’s been an increasing push within parts of the scientific community for primary research articles to be open access instead of requiring crazy fees (in excess of 30 bucks/paper). "" was started a number of years ago and serves as a repository of many, many papers and will allow you to access most anything even if you don’t have institutional access through a university, etc. I was super excited to find this resource after my institutional access to many journals recently expired.

I’m posting this because there’s been some interest in the past on this forum in digging into the nitty gritty details of fermentation and other aspects of beer.

NOTE- this probably isn’t a legal way to access papers. But yes, I would download a car if I could.

18:14 Sat 2/20/2016

Posted on Milk the Funk a while ago. Come to the Dark Side of Facebook, Caleb. You’ll love it there. You really will.

places 23 º 20:05 Sat 2/20/2016

"A while ago" I was wrapping up my PhD and had institutional access. Sorry I’m behind the times.

FB still sucks.

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