Beavertown Extravaganza September 8-9

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beers 14416 º places 415 º 18:57 Fri 1/6/2017

looks like Beavertown is gonna host a beer festival with a crazy lineup in September, for a 55 pound all inclusive ticket.

Guests include Other Half, Trillium, J Wakefield, Three Floyds and some other brewers which are hard-to-reach material in Europe.

This is definitely an option for me, and looks like a fun option to celebrate my 25th birthday, which will be on the 9th.

Other people thinking about going?

beers 32342 º places 1170 º 19:06 Fri 1/6/2017

There’s some discussion of this fest in the UK forum:

Yeah, this is shaping up to be a potentially epic event. Beavertown are making a strong play here, and I really hope they get the logistics right. Based on what I’ve read so far, there could be upwards of 5,000 people per session, so they really need to make sure they set this up correctly.

But in terms of the breweries attending, this would be one of the best beer fests in Europe.

beers 14416 º places 415 º 19:08 Fri 1/6/2017

whoops, sorry. Feel free to merge!

beers 32342 º places 1170 º 19:19 Fri 1/6/2017

Originally posted by SinH4
whoops, sorry. Feel free to merge!

I think it’s fine to have two threads about the fest. Just pointed it out in case folks want to check out both threads. The UK and Non-US threads will show up on different peoples’ radars.

beers 14622 º places 259 º 05:48 Mon 1/9/2017

Just bought tickets for both days. Very interesting event and my first trip to London also!
BTW there is quite cheap hotel near event place. 115e 2 nights from