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Should I also have an account there? What does it offer that Ratebeer does not?

beers 316 º places 13 º 03:51 Thu 9/16/2010

I have an account on both sites. Sometimes you get news that you donít see on here. It seems like a few more people in the Louisville area post things on there, but neither site gets much attention from people around here. I just think of it as another source for information, and I check out both sites pretty regularly.

beers 999 º places 47 º 10:46 Thu 9/16/2010

I have an account on both and NEVER use the one on BA... unless RB crashes. Many agree that, not only are the web layouts significantly different, but so are the attitudes of the respective sitesí users. That for you to figure out and decide though. Personally, I am much more comfortable here.