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So I have some Wisconsin Belgian Red and Raspberry Tart (2012 vintage) stored in my parents basement (climate controlled) in Wisconsin. Wondering how long I can let them be before I need to drink/trade them? I only get home once or twice a year so my access is sporadic at best.


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Pasteurized, force-carbonated. Wonít help, but they are pretty shelf-stable for many months and arguably even years. Even at room temperature. Itís a long, slow fade. Longer and slower, the lower the temperature. I wouldnít worry about them at all.

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Iíve sat on the Belgian Red for a couple of years and it held up well. I did not notice any big change or improvement in the flavor, so Iíd have to say that there is really no need to cellar it.

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The only thing Iíve seen happen is that theyíll pick up some metallic notes over time due to the oxidation. Other than that, not much else happens.

10:53 Mon 10/8/2012

Are the Red/Tart beers vintages? I thought they were bottled year round.

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Yep. Those beers hold up extremely well to the effects from aging, but drink them as soon as you want to. Like most beer, they donít get better with age.

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@csano; sorry, misuse of the word "Vintage" I just mean that it is recently purchased rather than already aged.

Thanks for all the comments! Since I have sporadic access to the bottles I was just wondering if I need to take care of them all when I am home next month, or if I can leave some for next time. :)

11:44 Mon 10/8/2012

Originally posted by bytemesis
@csano; sorry, misuse of the word "Vintage" I just mean that it is recently purchased rather than already aged.

No worries, man, was just checking.