Beer annoyances

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beers 14 º places 1 º 12:16 Wed 10/3/2012

Just wondering what annoys people about beer in general. For example with myself, I hate it when people distinguish beer by color. They say stuff like "I like lighter beers to darker ones." Well pit an Irish stout and a tripel together.A tripel is lighter colored but much stronger and heavier. Another of which is people say ales are better than lagers because "lagers are too light and crisp." While some cases that’s true, look at German beers. Eisbocks, dopplebocks and other bocks are very strong and malty. Schwartzbier is another lager that has a lot of flavor and maltiness. What annoyances does anyone else have?

beers 1589 º places 63 º 12:19 Wed 10/3/2012

Old beer and the concept of aging beer.

beers 10017 º places 672 º 12:21 Wed 10/3/2012

Bottling DIPAs and charging $20 a bomber for them

beers 14332 º places 849 º 12:46 Wed 10/3/2012

It contains alcohol.

places 1 º 13:05 Wed 10/3/2012

Craftbeer is still not able to provide fresh beer for consumers on a consistent basis after all these years.

People who think big flavor is the only mark of a quality beer.

beers 11479 º places 263 º 13:16 Wed 10/3/2012

I am cool with people making a distinction between dark and blond beers - it is a pretty normal distinction in Belgium and feels more historic than all the new styles.

I don’t like people comparing every dark Belgian beer ever made with Leffe brown - no your Westy 12 or Black Albert doesn’t taste exactly the same as Leffe brown - heard the Westy one way too often, Black Albert one was baffling + the Guinness thing. People expecting me to know which stout they had by saying that it was black + coffee like. That narrows things down.
Everything except IPA’s aged is better - not even true for some lambic’s.
High prices + very high prices.

Anyone dissing sour beers.

beers 2663 º places 199 º 13:20 Wed 10/3/2012

Stale cask ale.

beers 1223 º places 112 º 13:44 Wed 10/3/2012

When people tell me drinking beer is the same as smoking cigarettes in regards to general health.

beers 599 º places 39 º 13:51 Wed 10/3/2012

Wait staff at brewpubs and craft beer-centric bars/restaurants that don’t know what in hell they’re talking about.

The "bigger is better" approach to ABV that so many brewers seem caught up on - give me some tasty 4-5% brews...

Retailers that don’t know the difference between beers that age well and those that don’t (yes, I’d like your 6 month old IPA, please).

$10+ 4/6-packs of run-of-the-mill, and often sub-par beers.

Fluorescent lights (without UV tubes) in cold cases.

beers 249 º 14:02 Wed 10/3/2012

1. Pennsylvania’s case law.
2. High prices.
3. Lack of clear bottled/best by dates on some beer bottles and packaging.
4. Retailors failing to clear non-fresh beer off the shelves (Sometimes enabled by non-present or obscure date codes, sometimes blantantly just sticking beer out there that says it was best by 9 months ago- though at least when there is a date on it, I can look before I buy).
5. Places that’ll have seasonal mix packs from a brewer one season, but not the next, and then randomly bring back a seasonal mix pack two seasons later, only to skip the next season, etc.. Just either stock the seasonal mix pack from a given brewer every season- same spot in the cooler or whatever, should be simple, but places mess this up somehow.

14:13 Wed 10/3/2012

Breweries who don’t put "bottled on" dates on the bottles/cans of styles that are best fresh (IPAs, pale ales, pilseners, etc.) is my biggest pet peeve.

("bottled on" dates, NOT "best by" dates that are pretty much meaningless, since every brewery has a different idea of when a beer is "best by")

There is no reason for a brewery not to put bottled on dates on their beer unless they think their beer sucks and won’t sell quick enough. In which case, it probably does suck.