Beer Bar in Barcelona (Craft & Domestic)

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14:06 Wed 5/8/2013

Hi. Going to Barcelona in a few weeks. Any recommendations for bars that serve craft and good domestic beer?

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Bona pinta, SF bar and 2d2d spuma all great bars. 2d2d also has an amazing bottle shop next door. All these bars sell local and import beer. Dont be surprised if you see beers like westy 12, semi rare cantillons and 3 fonteinen.

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I really enjoyed Ale & Hop and La Cerveteca

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Cerveceria Freiburg!

they also have great little sandwiches, and across from a nice food market

01:46 Thu 5/9/2013

THX a lot!

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No beer trip to Barcelona could be complete without a short train ride up the coast to visit Sven at the Drunk Monk in Mataro. Amazing man, amazing place.

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Ale&Hop, La Cerveteca and The George and Dragon are a must stop if you want to have good craft (and local) beers

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I liked Ale & Hop and George & Dragon the best. La Cerveteca is cool too but a little more crowded and "touristy". Wasnt too impressed with Bona Pinta though.

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"The Drunk Monk" and "Freiburg". A must. Apart from this you have many options.