Beer Batter - what kind of beer?

Reads 714 • Replies 2 • Started Saturday, July 16, 2016 7:04:44 PM CT

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beers 3994 º places 158 º 19:04 Sat 7/16/2016

I assume all of the "beer batter" recipes were formulated with American Pilsners. Since so many other styles of beer are now available, has anybody experimented with other styles to great results?

beers 2449 º places 57 º 19:38 Sat 7/16/2016

Its been about five years since I tried anything like this but I recall getting passably good results with a malty amber lager, and horrible results with a bitter IPA. One of these days I’m gonna try a sour beer batter on some chicken.

beers 4284 º places 179 º 20:35 Sat 7/16/2016

I had some great luck with some breading using Ballast Point Longfin lager the other day. My go to is always Sam Adams Boston Lager though. Not exciting but they always work well.