Beer Cellar Haves ~ That arenít for trade

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beers 1202 º places 47 º 22:22 Thu 4/3/2014

Could someone lend some clarity on why someone would list something in their Cellar Haves, they wouldnít trade. Why bother putting it on there? I would think the point for listing it is to garner a trade. For instance, anything I intend to hold on - I donít enter. Seems pretty straightforward to me.

beers 8120 º places 958 º 22:37 Thu 4/3/2014

I am 100% with you. If I donít intend to at least consider offers, why the hell would I put it in my haves? What shows up in my haves are beers that i have already had, beers that I have a drinking bottle plus at least one more, and a few that I am not that invested in ever drinking.

beers 2449 º places 57 º 22:51 Thu 4/3/2014

There should be a screen icon for NFT, that if checked, removes the beer from public view.

beers 23893 º places 347 º 23:01 Thu 4/3/2014

There lots of reasons.

But One main one for me is so you your local group know you have one.

To make sure you dont accidently trade for another.
Ive lost track of some beers ive got cause too many trades came in at once

But All told i dont see what the problem is. Some people use the System different from you. I dont see what thats a problem.


beers 9361 º places 205 º 23:17 Thu 4/3/2014

I can think of 5 reasons:

1) giant cellar & this is simply the place where you track everything
2) to play really hard ball in negotiations
3) to let friends know what you have
4) they are not for trades but okay for bottle splits
5) bragging right

beers 16164 º places 488 º 23:17 Thu 4/3/2014

Because you want to share it with someone/bring it to a tasting usually.

beers 2120 º places 17 º 05:09 Fri 4/4/2014

I have put some things up there in the past as part of group trades with a particular theme. We did the sour beer it forward for example and I had many "available" sours that by putting them in my haves insured I did not receive them. I usually just put "only for top wants" if it is something I might trade but only in a special case. These are things I would part with for the right offer or maybe to a "regular trader" who has hooked me up big in the past but still some people get all crazy when you tell them that because they think the offer they throw out should be a top want of mine. Some people on the site may trade for a particular brewers beer like Cantillon and they have some in there cellar they have not rated yet and by putting it on their haves list people likely wont offer it as part of a trade. We need a not interested in trading for list to put things like this on as well as the list of things I have been offered 100 times I am just not ever interested in drinking. I have become much more selective and target things I really want. People can also get really hurt when you reject their offer of something they view as "special" so this can go both ways.

beers 1221 º places 164 º 05:14 Fri 4/4/2014


beers 959 º places 29 º 05:30 Fri 4/4/2014

Could be just to keep track of the beers you have in your cellar even if you never trade.

beers 10015 º places 557 º 06:17 Fri 4/4/2014

Google Docs is the way to go for sharing with your tasting group. Iíve used this method for a few years now. That way, you donít have to worry about being misleading on here.

Iíve had a few possible trades go like this:

"ISO: X Beer, FT: Check my Haves"
So I check his Haves, and send a message:

Me: Hey, I have the beer youíre looking for. Hereís a list of things from your Haves that interests me.
Him: Yeah, none of that stuff is for trade. Only this, this, and this are for trade.
Me: Well, this was fun.

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