Beer glasses You use most often.

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beers 2452 º places 182 º 11:50 Fri 4/4/2014

ORval glass for ORval. Everything else out of the bottle or can.

beers 7887 º places 320 º 12:15 Fri 4/4/2014

Duvel tulip pretty much all the time.

beers 2048 º places 169 º 12:19 Fri 4/4/2014

Toppling Goliath pint glass is used most of the time, otherwise I have a few cool Surly pint glasses. Sometimes Iíll put out a snifter or tulip from one of the many local breweries but those arenít as convenient.

beers 5831 º places 104 º 12:24 Fri 4/4/2014

I got a big strudy duvel tulip with big blue chicks on it which big knockers and red nips, use it for everything

beers 1955 º places 4 º 12:31 Fri 4/4/2014

Originally posted by SamGamgee
ORval glass for ORval. Everything else out of the bottle or can.
fuck yeah motherfucker

beers 8152 º places 256 º 12:51 Fri 4/4/2014

Not personally, but Iíve been seeing these a lot lately:

beers 4120 º places 91 º 13:23 Fri 4/4/2014

I just use a random pint glass for everything.

beers 6355 º places 233 º 13:24 Fri 4/4/2014

Lately, a Duvel tulip because Iím too lazy to go downstairs and grab something else when I want a beer.

beers 219 º places 4 º 13:50 Fri 4/4/2014

Crazy cheap snifter ($3) for dark stuff, over-sized Duvel tulip for lighter stuff and a Driftwood chalice if I feel like using it.

beers 15759 º places 481 º 13:59 Fri 4/4/2014

I rotate through a variety of snifters, wine glasses, tekus, tulips etc. depending on my mood. Right now, Iím using this a lot: