Beer glasses You use most often.

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beers 2585 º places 182 º 14:18 Fri 4/4/2014

At work it’s imperial nonick for lower strength ales and porters, tulip for double IPAs, snifter for strong and barrel-aged ales, and hourglass pils glass for pils and hefeweizen. Nonick gets the most use these days of those, followed closely by the pils glass. Mostly using a teku at home, which is another one from work. Luckily we have a broad spectrum of glasses.

Also use all the different Spiegelau glasses for appropriate styles from time to time. I somehow ended up with multiple sets of those crowding the cabinet.

beers 802 º places 20 º 14:37 Fri 4/4/2014
beers 6505 º places 222 º 15:20 Fri 4/4/2014

Shaker or Sam Adams glass for regular session drinking, tulip for most new rates. Not totally convinced it makes a huge difference, but it makes me feel fancy...

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beers 6050 º places 104 º 15:59 Fri 4/4/2014

Originally posted by jtclockwork
I rotate through a variety of snifters, wine glasses, tekus, tulips etc. depending on my mood. Right now, I’m using this a lot:

those look like the glasses at torst in brooklyn

beers 5922 º places 409 º 20:06 Fri 4/4/2014

I have a handful of tulip glasses that I use for pretty much everything, as well as a series of snifters of various sizes for the stronger stuff.

beers 11402 º places 464 º 20:22 Fri 4/4/2014

I rotate between 30-40 depending upon my mood, the beer bad which glasses I have inside in my kitchen.

beers 11048 º places 158 º 20:52 Fri 4/4/2014

Tulips for everything as a default. My Stone RIS glass for anything dark. The Spiegelau IPA glass for any IPA/APA. All those three premises real-time hierarchized and nested upon timing, cleanliness, and availability.

beers 1718 º places 45 º 21:03 Fri 4/4/2014

The Duvel tulip is constant for strong Belgium’s

It’s a good go-to glass. I have Belgiumses’s - Chimay Duvel La Trappe Westmalle Petrus all get play.

Also have a growing collection of branded Weissbier/Hefeweizen glasses, love all of them for the style and the branded English pint sleeves are for Englandses’s-type stuff. Sometimes Ill grab a large red wine glass for Orval, because it is not just any beer.

beers 4964 º places 286 º 21:30 Fri 4/4/2014

I use a 20oz "pint style" nonlabeled clear glass.