Beer Goals for 2014

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beers 10313 º places 387 º 11:36 Wed 1/1/2014

Anybody have beer-related goals for the new year? Drink so many beers? Drink beer from new U.S. states and countries? Make more trades? Drink more of a certain type of beer?

beers 2938 º places 29 º 11:43 Wed 1/1/2014

Would like to share more this year, been the recipient of some very generous RBers and I need to pay it forward.

I’d like to learn to respect beer more - I treat her like a slag right now !

beers 20174 º places 393 º 11:46 Wed 1/1/2014

Find more Norwegian beers to rate. The number of breweries have tripled the last two-three years, and I’ve been a lazy ass and never visited most of them.

beers 1592 º places 63 º 11:53 Wed 1/1/2014

Pretty much give up on beer unless I’m drinking out and something local is good on tap.

beers 2114 º places 4 º 12:01 Wed 1/1/2014

try and rate-beer while sober more often.

beers 2072 º places 37 º 12:06 Wed 1/1/2014

Stop trading.
Quit beer after I get to 1399 ratings.

beers 590 º places 11 º 12:14 Wed 1/1/2014

Get to 500

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beers 2032 º places 251 º 12:20 Wed 1/1/2014

Share more celler less. Drink more responsible

beers 4092 º places 109 º 12:29 Wed 1/1/2014

Become the first craft brewery in a county where it’s illegal to serve beer in restaurants.

beers 21069 º places 554 º 12:35 Wed 1/1/2014

Go to Tired Hands more often. It’s about 80 minutes away from me.