Beer Goals for 2014

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beers 8588 º places 190 º 19:18 Sat 1/4/2014

Survive the first year...

beers 4500 º places 134 º 20:00 Sat 1/4/2014

Drink and rate two new beers a month. That way I will reach 5000 ratings in 2067 when I am 117 years old.

beers 1508 º places 65 º 21:44 Sat 1/4/2014

Rate 100 beers.
Rate 5 places.
Get a tick for a new state, country, or both.
Everything else is gravy.

beers 13633 º places 750 º 00:50 Sun 1/5/2014

Get to 1000 Minnesota rates (only 16 away).
Get to 6000 total rates.
Tick the last 2 states (WV, AR) I haven’t ticked yet.

beers 8125 º places 10 º 02:14 Sun 1/5/2014

Maybe I can reach 500 Saxony rates. But thats a tough goal.

beers 6109 º places 110 º 05:10 Sun 1/5/2014

Originally posted by aleigator
Add my first post to the ratebeer forum, and hope to find new friends among the community, especially in Europe.

You’re halfway there!

beers 1637 º 06:26 Sun 1/5/2014


beers 3259 º places 91 º 07:45 Sun 1/5/2014

Same as always, keep my monthly rating streak going.

beers 3094 º places 140 º 07:45 Sun 1/5/2014

continue to keep beer near the very bottom of the top 25 things i want to keep up on this year. this way the 24 things in front OF BEER WILL BE A HELL OF A LOT MORE INTEReSTING AND FUN THANK GOD!

beers 18672 º places 1539 º 08:52 Sun 1/5/2014

Originally posted by brokensail
get to 10,000 beers and 1,000 places
go to at least 5 new states (places)
get to 10 rates of each style (had this one for a couple years now)
meet some more ratebeerians


get to 5,000 California beers