Beer Goals for 2014

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beers 16800 º places 1405 º 08:52 Sun 1/5/2014

Originally posted by brokensail
get to 10,000 beers and 1,000 places
go to at least 5 new states (places)
get to 10 rates of each style (had this one for a couple years now)
meet some more ratebeerians


get to 5,000 California beers

beers 3172 º places 120 º 01:03 Mon 1/6/2014

Get from 92 to 100 countries
Get ten more US states
Get last eight English Counties
Get last four German Bundesländer
Get last two styles

beers 2675 º places 90 º 19:29 Mon 1/6/2014

Drink less as a Platonic idealist -- looking for the perfect example of each pure form (style) and measuring each beer according to its deviation from such. Drink more as an Aristotelian -- cherishing the variation that a world of different brews provides.

beers 4413 º places 132 º 20:56 Mon 1/6/2014

Originally posted by IrishBoy
Drink and rate two new beers a month. That way I will reach 5000 ratings in 2067 when I am 117 years old.

Darn; already broken my resolution and rated 3 beers this month, I may get there by 2040.

beers 876 º places 26 º 08:21 Tue 1/7/2014

Surpass 1000 total ratings
Get to #2 rater in South Carolina

... while still keeping this "hobby" in perspective, and not getting burned out.

beers 4693 º places 75 º 11:00 Tue 1/7/2014

Get to 2800 rates in total

Do more beer related traveling

Drink my cellared top50 beers

Keep enjoying good beers and good company!

beers 2127 º places 64 º 15:04 Tue 1/7/2014

Clean out the rot box of all beers that are not for experimental aging or verticals. I will be drinking good in 2014 if I can accomplish this.

beers 11545 º places 158 º 19:43 Tue 1/7/2014

Just a few, as follows:

1.) Get to 8,000 ratings
2.) Become a certified CAMRA judge and Beer Sommelier.
3.) Use my beer knowledge to score some high class poontang.

beers 4331 º places 257 º 13:51 Fri 1/10/2014

My beginner goal is to cross out every single European country. That’ll do for 2014.

beers 30304 º places 3522 º 13:58 Fri 1/10/2014

Originally posted by MarkoNm
My beginner goal is to cross out every single European country. That’ll do for 2014.
That’s a tall order, but a worthy goal.