Beer Goals for 2014

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beers 8025 º places 322 º 16:45 Fri 1/10/2014

Travel more and try more beer places where I end up
Try more of the frillion new small local breweries popping up around here
Drink less, get back in shape a bit
Drink a polotmavy

beers 422 º places 22 º 10:17 Sat 1/11/2014

Spend less on beer....

beers 590 º places 11 º 10:49 Sat 1/11/2014

Adding: attending GABF and checking off all the beer styles

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beers 10195 º places 353 º 18:23 Sat 1/11/2014

Continue to have fun

beers 13212 º places 219 º 18:42 Sat 1/11/2014

Originally posted by Ibrew2or3
Continue to have fun

Nailed it.

beers 4964 º places 13 º 07:57 Mon 1/20/2014

Get to 1300 ratings (608 now).
Keep up monthly average of at least 50 new ratings.
Get to 100 Mikkeller beers (58 now).
Keep up with new Omnipollo releases.
Rate at least 100 new beers at Copenhagen Beer Celebration this coming May.
Try more ones from Hill Farmstead.
Try anything from Toppling Goliath.
Try more of the Stone limited releases.

Overall: just to try fantastic new beers along with friends and just enjoy myself!