Beer Goals for 2014

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beers 3007 º places 236 º 14:45 Wed 1/1/2014

2000 rates, beer from from all states, 10 new state places

beers 9704 º places 429 º 14:47 Wed 1/1/2014

- Form a regular tasting group (seems impossible at this point)
- Make it to more AK beer events
- Rate 500 new beers (fell short of that goal this year with only 300)
- Finish all 51 US States
- Finish all styles (again)
- Talk more RBians to visit Alaska

beers 7 º places 1 º 14:50 Wed 1/1/2014

Win all my trades.

beers 13212 º places 219 º 15:00 Wed 1/1/2014

Crush 1,000 new beer rates.
50 new place ratings.
Make it to local-ish brewpubs more often, fill growlers, enjoy fresh beer.
Chill with awesome beer folks.

places 23 º 15:01 Wed 1/1/2014

Originally posted by boogychillin
Win all my trades.

And here I thought it would be to get an avatar, go premium, and rate more Tired Hands.

beers 102 º places 1529 º 15:13 Wed 1/1/2014

Meet some more people from this site, which is surprisingly difficult.
Get to 500 breweries visited.
Continue to not trade (much)

beers 2132 º places 83 º 15:19 Wed 1/1/2014

Rate at least one beer from each style I’m still missing; rate fewer beers, but put more thought and effort into those I do rate; drink/rate more local beers.

beers 3140 º places 134 º 15:21 Wed 1/1/2014

Get a CO2 tank, lines and a keg or two for homebrew.
Homebrew more.
Spend less money on commercial beer.

beers 30300 º places 3522 º 15:23 Wed 1/1/2014

I plan to hit 10k rates, and if we time it right, six other RateBeerians will hit 10k with me. Each of us has approached our local brewers to see if they can brew a special beer for the occasion. We’re plannning a simultaneous beer release and 10k rating party. Oh, and I plan to travel a bit.

beers 5752 º places 5 º 18:48 Wed 1/1/2014

Originally posted by fiulijn
Originally posted by BoBoChamp
To stop rating beers after reaching 5000 ratings.

I said the same years ago

Due to some private issues (health is one of them), I think I have no choice.