Beer Goals for 2014

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beers 2175 º places 48 º 23:38 Wed 1/1/2014

Originally posted by fonefan
Stop all of this, if possible. Too much money, sick of being in liquors stores for more than 15 minutes. Sick of trying to rate beer whenever I get new beer.

Sick if it all!

Really enjoyed the new people I’ve met, but this hobby needs to be hung up for awhile!


I hear you guy. Break from it awhile, maybe come back to it just if and whenever it’s enjoyable again.

There IS more to life, and, when not obsessing so much beer just tastes better.

beers 6219 º places 450 º 00:31 Thu 1/2/2014

This year I’d like to rate 1000 beers. I’m going to be in the Netherlands for the year, so there are definitely 1000+ beers around me that I haven’t tried yet. 50 more places would be nice too, counting on travelling to Germany for that. Adding 5 countries to my countries visited list (places) would be good too.

Other than stat-wise, I want to keep meeting ratebeerians because whenever I do, I always have a blast.

beers 8097 º places 65 º 00:32 Thu 1/2/2014

Less sixpacks, more singles...general control over beer 5 month old IPAs.
Get up to date in my backlog.
Beer-visit St. Louis.

beers 8097 º places 65 º 00:36 Thu 1/2/2014

Originally posted by Reid
Stick to Oregon only..the PNW and Oregon is very underrepresented on here..ive been mostly doing that for 2013 and will redouble that in 2014.

PNW beer trends aren’t even broached to see that change.

11 k. 3 new States. 5 new countries. 3 more styles over 100. 3 more styles over 50. 2 more styles over 20. 1 more style over 10. 9 events. 60 places. 10 more States over 10. 10 more States over 20. 7 brewpub placeratings and a lot of good beers............

beers 10001 º places 672 º 02:11 Thu 1/2/2014

-More place ticks in new states and countries
-Less sloppy ticking
-Less alcohol consumption
-More moderation
-Better, more usable ratings
-Less trading

beers 3333 º places 97 º 02:40 Thu 1/2/2014

Cruise along aimlessly rating the occasional brew. Gotta get rid of this cellar of rotting beer also.More give aways may help.

beers 4373 º places 148 º 03:02 Thu 1/2/2014

Shorter-term goals are to get into the top 50 of Washington rates, and explore the Spokane beer scene more.

beers 5019 º places 97 º 03:02 Thu 1/2/2014

50 ratings/month.
237 more US ratings to reach 1000.
87 more saison ratings to reach 200.
Try to keep my postition as top Beerbliotek rater.
Tick whatever All In Brewing releases.
Host atleast 2 big tastings.
That’s pretty much it.

beers 470 º places 10 º 04:50 Thu 1/2/2014

Originally posted by kdm1984
Make the top 50 women raters list. Have about 100 beers to go. Certainly doable.

I am sure you will.