Beer Goals for 2014

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beers 18838 º places 614 º 08:20 Thu 1/2/2014

Reach 10000 beers.
Visit more beerfestivals than last year.
Finally visit the San Diego-area (Already booked!)

Originally posted by rlgk
Reach 10000 beers.
Visit more beerfestivals than last year.
Finally visit the San Diego-area (Already booked!)

visit San Diego - now theres an idea !!!

beers 3351 º places 252 º 09:33 Thu 1/2/2014

drink more taras boulba and fresh pilsners.

drink fewer $20 bootles of ~bal garbage

beers 3351 º places 252 º 09:52 Thu 1/2/2014

Same as last year

beers 1548 º places 115 º 10:16 Thu 1/2/2014

I want to be more proactive and not just reactive when it comes to beer community. I’ve never hosted a tasting, so that’s a specific goal this year.

beers 6089 º places 1065 º 10:41 Thu 1/2/2014

My rating goals:
- Get all 46 UK counties without trying too hard (i.e. enjoying my beer and not seeking out mediocre stuff just because of its place of origin)
- Move up to 20 European countries (same)
- Get a Canadian rate of stuff that isn’t shite (e.g. Molsons)
- Hit 60 RB styles
- Find the beer that breaks my 4.6 record rating

My enjoyment goals:
- Drink more of my favourite & readily available beers such as Chimay Blue and Punk
- Socialise more, attend a tasting or two
- Drink more sours & learn to appreciate Berliner Weisse
- NOT get dragged into the keg vs cask debate
- Make it to a couple of the big UK festivals this year

beers 1797 º places 19 º 12:55 Thu 1/2/2014

Drink more of what I enjoy and less of what’s part of my work.

Explore more of the darker beers I prefer.

Get a beer rating for Africa.

Finally get a Cantillon.

Drink Southern Tier Creme Brulee Stout -- missed it this year.

Continue to preach the good word of small Texas breweries I love, including Southern Star, 5 Stones, and Texas Big Beer Company.

beers 8206 º places 78 º 13:00 Thu 1/2/2014

Continue traveling, ticking, and lege-ing the great American brew scene.
- Maybe start rating places again, have not entered any since 2009.
- Drinking down my cellar stash: I will commit to cracking one whale per week this year...
- Continue my quest to find the perfect IPA
- To seek out obscure breweries and brewpubs in search of that perfect IPA...
- 500 IPA rates (easy) and 6000 total beer rates (maybe)

beers 4393 º places 180 º 15:58 Thu 1/2/2014

1. Drink beer from all 50 states. (Currently at 24. 26 to go.)
2. Try beer from a brewery that just started in 2014.
3. Try at least 100 new beers.
4. Try 5 new beers in the Top 50 Beers in the world.
5. Brew my own beer.

beers 12092 º places 376 º 16:00 Thu 1/2/2014

Originally posted by Reid
Stick to Oregon only..the PNW and Oregon is very underrepresented on here..ive been mostly doing that for 2013 and will redouble that in 2014.