Beer Goals for 2014

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beers 6351 º places 641 º 18:58 Thu 1/2/2014

100 WV rates (33 more to go). Become the top rater in WV, curious how long the iceman has been the top rater.

beers 1511 º places 103 º 19:16 Thu 1/2/2014

plan to launch and [email protected]

beers 18838 º places 614 º 00:02 Fri 1/3/2014

You should try that...

Originally posted by Theydon_Bois
Originally posted by rlgk
Reach 10000 beers.
Visit more beerfestivals than last year.
Finally visit the San Diego-area (Already booked!)

visit San Diego - now theres an idea !!!

beers 1223 º places 24 º 02:21 Fri 1/3/2014

I think i am going to rate a few beers this year. Have only rated two in the past four years but I think I can possibly rate as many as five beers this year if I pace myself.

beers 294 º places 7 º 03:35 Fri 1/3/2014

Brew more
Drink less in the middle of the week
Drink more local beers, at home and when travelling
Go to my favourite pubs more often, may have to bring my baby and 3-year old to make that happen.
Have more tastings with my group

beers 980 º places 20 º 04:57 Fri 1/3/2014

drink less, but more in quality

beers 18756 º places 414 º 05:08 Fri 1/3/2014

Hit 10K rates and 2K Dutch rates

-Continue to support KY beer with my new and repeat purchases.
-Reach 100 beers for England and Germany each.
-Actually take a trip (or three) to Cincy and pay my respect to the growing beer scene there.

beers 2127 º places 64 º 06:19 Fri 1/3/2014

Drink less, but rate more. Meaning the 12 packs of Torpedo on a weekly basis will certainly decrease, but thoughtful unrated selections will go up.

51 states, round out the styles and try to crack GA’s top 10.

beers 166 º places 1 º 12:52 Fri 1/3/2014

Definitely plan to drink down the cellar this year. Beginning to pile up a little bit.