Beer Goals for 2014

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beers 18 º places 2 º 13:22 Fri 1/3/2014

Attend GABF that’s all I want to do.

beers 1183 º places 50 º 13:28 Fri 1/3/2014

Cutting way back. Cancelled my Bruery Whoreders. I’m going to be a father of twins this year.

beers 470 º places 10 º 13:42 Fri 1/3/2014

Originally posted by JoeTheYounger
Cutting way back. Cancelled my Bruery Whoreders. I’m going to be a father of twins this year.

Congratulations =)

beers 2550 º places 153 º 15:48 Fri 1/3/2014

Get to 1,000 ratings and increase my consumption of foreign brews.

beers 3313 º places 94 º 21:38 Fri 1/3/2014

Originally posted by douglas88
Originally posted by Reid
Stick to Oregon only..the PNW and Oregon is very underrepresented on here..ive been mostly doing that for 2013 and will redouble that in 2014.


I have resolved to only rate Oregon/Washington/Alaska beers this year!

beers 4044 º places 13 º 22:18 Fri 1/3/2014

Drink/trade all the beers in my cellar. Focus on drinking fresh beers. Focus on drinking local beers. Stop hoarding/cellaring beers.

beers 5695 º places 411 º 07:46 Sat 1/4/2014

Hit 2000. Hit the top 3 spanish ratings. Some more countries.Tick the 2 bundeslander left. Chase 1st position among spanish raters (if teddybeer happens to slow down...)

beers 5000 º places 92 º 07:50 Sat 1/4/2014

Hopefully hit 2500. Enter lots of places backlog. Some kind of beery trip after finishing college.

beers 4561 º places 47 º 08:53 Sat 1/4/2014

-2750 total rates (@1935 now)
-1000 total Pennsylvania rates (@695 now)
-125 more Tired Hands rates (125+ last year)
-beat out fonefan for top Gueuze rater (currently one behind)

beers 945 º places 10 º 12:00 Sat 1/4/2014

Add my first post to the ratebeer forum, and hope to find new friends among the community, especially in Europe.