Beer in Outer Banks NC

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Going on vacation to the outerbanks in North Carolina next week. I know this isnt exactly a beer hotspot, but are there any good local brews or east coast only brews available in the area that I should try? Iím in chicago so I get most of the widely distributed east coast stuff.


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depends on where you are staying, but several NC breweries distribute state wide, Aviator, Foothills, Big Boss I think. Several brewpubs Weeping Radish, Outter Banks, Front Street, couple others Iím forgetting, again those will depend on where you are staying, Are you driving there or flying in? you could load up in Raleigh Durham if you were driving through here....

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BREWTHRU! Youíve got to go there. Theyíve got several locations on the island. You literally drive through the middle of a giant beer store and they hand you your beer. Selection might not be supergreat (Donít recall), but itís an experience). T-shirts are also available, a different one every year.

Also, worth noting that in North Carolina, beer is available in the grocery stores. A relevation if, like me, you grew up in and/or live in a state or states where itís not a possibility.

Additionally, cool things to hit while youíre there:

* Captain Frankís: Hotdog shack down in Kittyhawk.

* Try My Nuts: Hilariously themed nuts and snacks up in Corolla (I think they may also have a Duck location)

* Aquarium in Manteo if you want to get out of the sun in a while (Technically itís off the island, but an easy drive. Mapquest it.)

* If youíve got women in your group who like shopping, a lot of the more upscale nice looking places are up the island a little Duck-Corolla (Timbuck3, Scarborough Faire). One offers local wines.

* If you have a 4-wheel drive vechile, you can drive to the northern most end of the island north of Corolla, where the road literally ends and you can drive on the beach (The main road on the island that goes north south). There are wild horses there (A Spanish galleon crashed in colonial times and the horses lived on).

* If youíve got a rental house versus a hotel, thereís a place called Steamers thatíll give you a fully prepared seafood dinner that you can heat in a pot on the stove.

Also, beautiful beaches that often arenít very crowded, and a quiet more peaceful environment relative to the really big vacation spots. Honestly, itís the only beach I actually like. Wish I could afford to go there this summer. Great place.

Also, I find if you hit the beach later in the day, itís pretty empty, and there arenít much in the way of UVA rays to burn you. Everyone seems to hit the beach in the morning or early afternoon. By the end of the day thereís still light, but some peace and quiet, especially if you like to wade out deep into the ocean.

You probably know all that and it didnít really answer your question, but, eh, I get excited about this subject. Iíd seriously do a week there every year if I had the money (Which I donít, so Iíve gone like twice in my adult life, once when family members were renting a place there). My parents used to have a place there when I was a kid.

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OldGrowth - we are flying into Norfolk.

CharmCity - thanks for all the insight.

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Grape and Gourmet in Virginia Beach is not so far out of your way. They have a great selection of geeky beers, plus some locals. Once you get to the OBX, Chipís is where you want to go. He has tons of local beers. Oh, and while in Norfolk, Iíd stop in the Birch and have a pint or two.

As for the actual beers, Beach Brewing (Virginia Beach) is worth a try. Alewerks, formerly known as Williamsburg Alewerks, is probably the best in the area.

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Iíll second Chips once you get down there. Skip the Radish and hit Outer Banks Brewing Station.