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Does anyone know what brewery reps or brewery regional manager generally start out earning with marketing/sales experience but not in the beer industry?

Also whatís the earnings potential once established?

Thanks for your help


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If youíre looking for money, youíre probably looking in the wrong place. Most breweries that arenít giant donít have much extra to spend on reps compared to other industries.

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For sure - I was wondering more on the medium scale for some of the bigger craft breweries who are inevitably expanding into new markets.

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Hi $20ís to low $40ís is about the best you can hope for

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20k-40k a year.

It is not a well paying job and involves a lot of hard work.

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You donít go into this business to get rich you go into it because you love it. If you want to make a lot of money selling something go to Pharma. If you want to love what you do sell beer.

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Originally posted by Cletus
20k-40k a year.

It is not a well paying job and involves a lot of hard work.

This is about right I think. And beyond that, you will likely use your own vehicle and the weekly/monthly vehicle allowance probably wont cover gas and maintenance/repairs or even just gas in many cases. And dont forget depreciation after racking up loads of mileage.

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I sent you a PM.

As for the vehicle allowance not even covering gas, unless it is your brotherís brewery or something, I disagree that that is common, and even if thatís the case at some jobs, Iím not sure why anyone would take that job. Sure, the brewing business will not get you rich, but it certainly wonít and shouldnít leave you starving and working for nothing but love of beer either.

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Itís a lot of hard work, the place I work tends to attract a lot of distributors/industry folks for drinks after hours, so Iíve had a chance to talk to a lot of folks like this. Iíll say this... I donít envy them but they do seem like a pretty happy bunch, so... maybe itís a satisfying job to some degree?

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Right on! Thanks for the input.

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Every beer rep I talk to complains about their vehicle allowance. Every single one. Now these are guys who are based in a city and work for major wholesalers who distribute multiple brands in a multiple county area. Many of them rack up an easy 75 or more miles a day. Now if you work for a specific brewery or are within a cityís limits, maybe this is different.