Beer pairing preferences for green Thai curry?

Reads 5238 • Replies 18 • Started Thursday, January 10, 2013 6:39:49 PM CT

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beers 2585 º places 182 º 18:39 Thu 1/10/2013

Not averse to Singha when out but I’m getting some to take home and have plenty of styles to choose from. Never tried anything but IPA or pale lager, both of which seem to work. Think I’m out of IPA. Might have a pale lager lurking somewhere. What do you think would hit the spot?

beers 2 º 18:43 Thu 1/10/2013

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Firestone Walker Pale 31, Stone Pale Ale, DFH Shelter Pale Ale

beers 2585 º places 182 º 18:50 Thu 1/10/2013

I might have one of those.

Nevermind. All out.

beers 2585 º places 182 º 19:47 Thu 1/10/2013

Reporting back. Tried out some home-brewed lambic-style sour and I think that worked very well. The higher carbonation picked the heavier curry off of the tongue while the snappy acidity complemented the overall flavors and the lack of bitterness didn’t aggravate the spice levels.

Cracked a bottle of Sam Smiths Pure Brewed Lager as well and while it worked, a few sips were enough as it was pretty oxidized. Would love to have this beer fresh though, as I already like where its going compared to their ales.

beers 470 º places 10 º 09:41 Fri 1/11/2013

I really like Snake Dog IPA by Flying Dog for all kinds of chinese, thai and indian foods. When in doubt serve Heineken. =)

beers 85 º places 44 º 10:22 Fri 3/8/2013

Originally posted by pinkie
When in doubt serve Heineken. =)

Why not go for the beer of Thailand, Singha? Far better choice than Heineken.....millions of Thai’s can’t be wrong

beers 1589 º places 63 º 10:32 Fri 3/8/2013

aged deus works great for curry.

beers 1633 º places 156 º 01:57 Fri 3/15/2013

Stuykman Witt, Franziskaner, Andechser Doppel Bock, Einbecker Mai-Ur-Bock or Titanic stout

beers 88 º places 35 º 04:54 Fri 3/15/2013

Singha! Joking that stuff is pish.
A solid high(ish) IBU IPA or a Belgian Tripel would go well

Or Orval!!!

beers 6599 º places 259 º 04:58 Fri 3/15/2013

Any Pale Ale (be it India, English, American or none)...

beers 3434 º places 21 º 05:09 Fri 3/15/2013

Originally posted by hopbomber
Singha! Joking that stuff is pish.
A solid high(ish) IBU IPA or a Belgian Tripel would go well

Or Orval!!!

It is pish but it has it’s place served ice cold with a thai curry