Beer pairing preferences for green Thai curry?

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Originally posted by pinkie
I really like Snake Dog IPA by Flying Dog for all kinds of chinese, thai and indian foods. When in doubt serve Heineken. =)

My local Thai place serves Doggie Style and it does the job pretty well.

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Usually someone chimes in with Saison Dupont whenever there’s a food/beer pairing question, and usually I disagree, but this wouldn’t be that time. Ironic then.

Saison Dupont is a good choice, and I think Orval could very well work. Tripel *might* be interesting or any of the belgian golden styles like Duvel.

If IPA I would just stay away from anything super hopped or high IBU. Keep it in the medium range. Or go with a nice APA with bright PNW aroma hops.

I think Belgian IPA would be curious. Something like Thiriez XXtra.

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Yeah, Orval works well with a mild-to-medium curry. Along those same lines, we recommended GI Matilda for a similar dish at our restaurant, and it seemed to go over pretty well.

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Here is another one Møn Pale Ale - that will work for sure.
Orval - man that can be a really great one or just another look into the "dirt-bowl", depends a bit on the curry, the temperature of the beer... Worth a try though!

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This thread is near to my heart - cooking up a batch of green curry is therapy for me. Usually, when I’m in cooking mode I’ll be off on the red wine, but 40% of the time I like Unibroue Don de Dieu. There’s something about it that works really well with the basil, garlic, brown sugar and coconut milk. Cheers.

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Drinking a Hella Hoppy from Altamont Beer Works right now, and you made me REALLY crave green curry… Lots of Chinook hops in this one makes me think it would go amazingly well with curry.

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You got some of my delicious barley or brown rice with lime leftover but you ate all the salmon? (I made this in OTL it’s just brown rice add some chopped cilantro and lime zest & juice after it’s cooked.)

Grab a piece of haddock (chicken will work with any fish recipe I give you but pound it thin) and make this sauce. Soy sauce, fish sauce, rice wine, rice vinegar, sesame oil -very little, minced garlic, finely chopped serrano pepper, lemon zest, orange zest,scallion, orange juice and ginger. Mix it up in a bowl and let it stand then when you are ready you will put that over your fish or chicken and into a fast oven until done. Top with cilantro and shredded carrot.

Please serve with a DIPA Like Troegs Perpetual IPA.

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It’s not curry but it’s spicy sweet, thai inspired, and goes with any of the beers in this thread including a nice clean lager beer. I forgot the brown sugar in the above. Good pinch of brown sugar.