Beer places in Changzhou, China?

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Does anyone know any beer places to visit in Changzhou, China? There are non listed on Ratebeer.

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Changzhou isn't known for its beer, no. It looks like they have a Paulaner, but maybe one that doesn't have its own brewery.

I'm not seeing much else. There will be the odd German place, maybe an Irish place, but we don't know about anything too serious there.

You'll have to make the trip to Shanghai for the good stuff.

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There is apparently a Paulaner Brauhaus in nearby Wuxi: as well as a Hofbräuhaus Jiangyin in even more closely located Jiangyin

Please double check these entries before you go. I've had less than 50% strike rate of older information regarding Chinese brewpubs.

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If you find barrel aged PBR, you could become a grand master scavenger hunter

07:55 Thu 6/21/2012

hi, i´m new here, i´m german, live in china in the city of changzhou, for your info: until now there are 2 "pubs" selling true german beer, 1 is in the so called "xinbei district" called "Paulaner" serving nice food and Paulaner beer per bottle around RMB 30, another 1 is in the "Wujin district", open just some days ago, called "Jagerwirt", owners are german/chinese couple, really good german food and of course german beer also not cheap. And some international 4,5 stars hotels here also offer german beer.

08:14 Thu 6/21/2012

if you look for good beer in supermarkets in china just ask me, i already live here some years.

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Thanks Guys,

I'll have a look at the places indicated. I have one weekend in Shanghai as well, so should be fine there.

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I've been to Paulaner in Changzhou. Not a bad time.

22:23 Fri 6/29/2012

Tsing Tao Beer Square Now Open! While it may be a little out of the way, and a little tricky to find even if you've been there before, it's a massive beer and food oasis worth adventuring out to find. A perfect venue to hang out and mingle with all sorts of folks, or catch some social time with your friends.

With every Tsing Tao product available and a kitchen full of seafood, it's a great place to gather in the summer and enjoy a real beer garden type atmosphere any night of the week. If you're in the mood for German beer, they are showcasing a new beer that's a far cry from your typical Chinese brew. It's called Augerta, has a great flavour and packs a western strength of just under 5% alc.

As for food, big bowls of prawns accompanied by rubber gloves and a big mess are the house specialty. If you're looking for something else, the grilled fish for RMB58 is a big winner, and can easily feed a few hungry people. Also, it may be the best grilled fish I've tasted in Changzhou, no joke!

On weekends they have a line up of dancers, singers and other various performers which give it a family-friendly vibe during the dinner hours. After about 9pm most of the families have gone home and the drinkers start to pick up the pace.

Address: ???????88? – 88 Dong Fang Xi Lu Hours: Noon – Late, every day

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If in Changzhou I'd forget about beer and concentrate on young, Chinese beaver.

01:20 Sat 6/30/2012

first this, then that, then again this.........