Beer Regrets

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Do you have any? Perhaps it's not just something you did (rate tons of beer, only to have Pale Lager as your top style) but something you didn't do (buy more of a beer when it was still on the shelves)?

My top regret is hitting only one beer stop (Jerry's Sandwiches) when in Chicago a few years ago.

Also, I had a chance to get a bottle of Westy Blonde from a friend who had recently been to Belgium. He had it in his dad's fridge for at least three months, and I hadn't picked it up yet, expecting it to stay there.

Later, he became involved with a girl, and took the bottle to her place for safe keeping. Things went sour between them, and he can't get the bottle back...

That's about it.

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Not buying cases and cases of the older JP grand reserves and perseguidor 1 when they were better and much cheaper than they are now. You could also buy as many as you wanted (instead of the 2 - 4 bottle limit they have now)

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Not buying Cantillon Don Quijote when I had the chance.

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* Missing out on a tasting of Samuel Adams Millennium when I just had gotten into craft beer.

* Only buying two small bottles of Cantillon Blåbaer in 2010 instead of the full allotment of 2 small & 2 large bottles.

* Only buying a single bottle of 3 Fonteinen Malvasia Rosso when I had the chance of getting more.

* Not going to Akkurat while they still had Cantillon Soleil de Minuit..

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I've only been on the site and really into beer for a little over a year and in that time I've only lived in one place. Before that I travelled the world extensively, lived in Europe for several years and obviously had access to many fine beers in many fine countries. I lived in Germany, travelled to Belgium several times, went to the US and went to some countries where they have beers only available locally.

So I guess my biggest regret is a general regret of not being really into beer long before I was. I'll probably never travel to most of those places again so it was all a missed opportunity.

Oh well.

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Trading for T20

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I regret not knowing more about beer when I was in San Francisco a year and a half ago. I thought I had it made when I was drinking great IPAs for 2 days at Toronado...not knowing a thing about beers like Cable Car and all of the other specialty bottles that they have.

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Not strapping a camera to the skunk that defiled DaSilky1

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traded two bottles of 110K+OT Batch #1 within a couple of days after i got both

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Should have bought that six pack of Great Lakes Glockenspiel.