Beer to pair with Persian meal

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I am attending a Persian/Iranian themed dinner in mid June. Its BYOB what should I bring. No details on actual courses. I would like to bring Iranian beer but that seems impossible. Maybe a beer from some other reach of Persian empire (available in NYC)? Or just a style that fits i guess. Iím open to any creative ideas you have.

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Saison, herbed possible and Pils.

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I have a buddy that I talked into making a Barberry Sour Ale (a Zereshk Lambic, if you will) - it was face implodingly sour. As for commercially available: if you want to be current as of í79, non-alcoholic seems to be the thing, but that sucks. If you want to get all historical, Dogfish Midas Touch is based on a Phrygian recipe but is probably not unlike some ancient Persian brews too, though it would appear that they were more of a wine drinking culture. Bottle of Shiraz? Darioush if you want to drop some coin?

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Baladin Nora

Itís italian, a good beer IMHO...the brewer said they tried to reproduce the ancient egyptian recipe, they used kamut and there is also myrrh and ginger between the ingredients, and they say it fits well with arabic dishes

I know you can find Baladin beers in NY by "Eataly"

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Not sure what is available in your area but I would go for a mix between something Eastern and (English) Pale Ale... Bon appetit!

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I think pale ales donít make too many assumptions on the palate and would bring that little bit of hop pungency without competeing with the spices in the dishes you might have. I would stay away from sweeter beers. Without knowing what you will have you want to stay neutral.

My advice is wrong according ot this. -

" In Middle Eastern cuisine, where there are lots of acidic flavours from lemon juice, sumac, zaíatar and verjuice, hoppy beers such as wheatbeer are a great match. Likewise sweet Arabic desserts such as baklava and pastries with sugar syrup go well with a red ale or a stout."

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I think mead is a good choice. When I asked what kind of food to pair with unclerudyís mead (I had never tried mead) thatís what he said. Middle eastern.

Originally posted by joet
Saison, herbed possible and Pils.
My thoughts exactly. Especially if a fresh Pils is available.

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Honey saison.

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Jow what did you end up having and with what dish and your opinions too please? =)