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05:45 Tue 10/31/2017


As a Belgian beer connoisseur, I am thinking about organizing a Belgium beer tour for beer lovers.

Before I start planning I was hoping to get some answers to these questions:
- How much would you like to pay for it? (Excluding transport costs to travel to belgium)
- Which breweries would you like to visit?
- How long do you want to travel?
- How many people would you like to travel with?
- Open to other sightseeing activities? If yes, which ones?
- What are your expectations from the tour? (e.g. only visit breweries, culture, history,...)

If you are genuinely interested, send me a pm so we can discuss further.

Many thanks already for the answers!

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Thanks for the replies, and I am aware that there are companies who are doing this already.

But I am curious what you as a person think about the questions.

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I personally wouldn't want to do one of these for a couple of reasons (the main one being that I live in Belgium), but I'll bite and answer a few of your questions.

Originally posted by vdb11
- Which breweries would you like to visit?

You should probably offer multiple options, no? Some people (such as those visiting Belgium for the first time or are completely new to what Belgian brewers have to offer) would probably be better suited to the places that offer traditional Belgian styles; others might want to see a mixture of well-established names with new faces; and there's certainly a market for people that just want the lambiek.

Originally posted by vdb11
- How many people would you like to travel with?

Large tour groups are awful and annoying when everyone is sober, let alone when the tour involves drinking. You should keep them relatively small (12-14 maximum) so that you can corral everyone and give them opportunities to meet new people. It would also be easier for you to organise transportation with a group of that size.

Originally posted by vdb11
- Open to other sightseeing activities? If yes, which ones?

That's probably a good way to break up the drinking, no? It would probably make sense to tie in things that aren't totally out of the way (if you're going to Westvleteren or Struise, then it would make sense to stop at Hill 62 or the In Flanders Fields Museum in Ieper).