Beers of interest at Grassroots (for sale)

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I am eventually taking the place of the current "beer guy" eventually at Grassroots Natural Market in Jacksonville, FL. We have a great selection and not many people seem to know about us. We do not ship, but I can work out a deal with you to get it taken care of.

I thought of this because I recently sold someone a couple cases of Pumking and thought Iíd love to help out Grassroots by utilizing RateBeer. Just send me a BM if interested. Admins, if this thread isnít exactly true to our policy, no offense taken - zap it.

Beers of interest right now:

750 Cigar City Bolita
750 Cigar City Batch 69
750 Cigar City Cucumber Saison
750 Cigar City Big Sound
750 City/Bruery Dos Costas Oeste Grapefruit
750 Cigar City/Bruery Dos Costas Oeste Lemon
750 The Bruery Fruet
375 North Coast Old Stock Cellar Reserve 2009
750 Schneider Cuvee Barrique
750 Beersel Mattina (Italian saison blended with 3 Fonteinen lambic)
375 Borgo Duchessic (Italian saison blended with Cantillon lambic)
750 BFM Bon Chien 2006
750 BFM Bon Chien 2011
750 BFM Bon Chien Grand Cru Merlot Barrel
750 BFM Douze
375 BFM Spike & Jerome
375 BFM Tarry Suchong
375 BFM Alex Rouge
375 BFM 7eme
375 BFM La Meule
375 B Nektar Miele de Garde
375 B Nektar Evil Genius
12oz Harviestoun Ola Dubh 30
12oz Harviestoun Ola Dubh 40
375 Tilquin Gueze
750 Lambickx Zenne Valley

I look forward to helping you!


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On Wednesday we will be getting one case of Cigar City Marshall Zhukov Imperial Stout. We will likely be doing one bottle per person.

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Do you ship to Belgium?

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Originally posted by BoBoChamp
Do you ship to Belgium?

Our store doesnít ship, so we have to work out a deal personally. In other words, Iíd be happy to ship to you in Belgium, but youíll be paying for shipping, supplies, etc.

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And of course we have a wide variety of other beers, including Belgians, and looooots of stuff from the southeastern USA.

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Isnít it customary to pay for retail advertising on Ratebeer?

17:16 Sun 9/9/2012

Originally posted by flabeer
Isnít it customary to pay for retail advertising on Ratebeer?

Not in this forum, in relation to licensed retailers selling beer - or anyone else selling swag, homebrewing equipment, etc.

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Thanks for giving RB members a chance to try these beers, Danny. Very nice of you.

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Dr. Owl is the man, indeed!

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My first reaction: Why is Dr. Owl selling beer for FrumptyDumpty? Does it have anything to do with this?

Funny almost coincidence though...

10:27 Tue 9/11/2012

Really not trying to be a jerk, but how is this any different from anyone else selling beer on here? (which always results in a shit storm of people dumping on them and bitching about how you canít sell beer on here)

Does this mean we can all sell beer in the for sale forum again?