BeerZing? WTF?

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beers 7509 º places 229 º 11:19 Thu 5/2/2013

A Google search led me to a page on Ratebeer, which I wasnít allowed to see, because I wasnít logged in. It took me a little while to figure out what was wrong: I was on, not If you go to, youíll see that everything looks exactly like Ratebeer, except itís a different site. (I didnít try logging in.)

I checked whois, and apparently the owners are not the same as for Ratebeer. Theyíre hiding behind some kind of "WhoisGuard".

Is someone "leeching" Google Ads income from Ratebeer, or is this legit?

beers 8297 º places 91 º 11:21 Thu 5/2/2013

You ever see Boiler Room? The head shed at Ratebeer has got a whole back up site set up so that once these trade threads get too ridiculous, we can just shut down and migrate and no one will be the wiser.

beers 3258 º places 138 º 11:25 Thu 5/2/2013

Running a traceroute on the domains leads them both to the exact same server. And you can log in and do everything with the other domain, too, unsurprisingly considering itís the same server and is run by the same people.

What was the search you did on google to get the page?

beers 3258 º places 138 º 11:26 Thu 5/2/2013
beers 7509 º places 229 º 11:30 Thu 5/2/2013

I didnít think of that, but youíre right: theyíre the same server, at

It seems unwise to split the siteís Pagerank that way, but thatís not really my problem.

I googled "Dahls Eksport". Hit number 8 or so is "Where to find Dahls Eksport", on Beerzing.

beers 7509 º places 229 º 11:31 Thu 5/2/2013

Probably just a misconfiguration of the virtual hosting, then.

you have caught a glimpse of a parallel universe.

beers 3258 º places 138 º 11:41 Thu 5/2/2013

Ratebeer is going to be renamed BeerZing. Iím calling it.

beers 10000 º places 672 º 11:46 Thu 5/2/2013

what is happening

beers 7509 º places 229 º 11:50 Thu 5/2/2013

Nothingís happening. False alarm. Sorry.

beers 1358 º places 1 º 11:54 Thu 5/2/2013

So I was logging onto, a really popular beer rating website that I frequent, when all of a sudden I was prompted to log in. After a moment, I realized that I was at!? Do any of you know whatís going on? Is this some sort of "Mirror, Darkly" situation?