BeerZing? WTF?

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Originally posted by Jblauvs
So I was logging onto, a really popular beer rating website that I frequent, when all of a sudden I was prompted to log in. After a moment, I realized that I was at!? Do any of you know whats going on? Is this some sort of "Mirror, Darkly" situation?

I met 1SilkyDa @

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Currently reading this thread on Beerzing.... Im never logging into ratebeer again. This site rox!

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Please tell me beerzing supports Netscape navigator.

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Of course it does, Netscape is the only browser worth using on the Beerzing side. Let me guess, you guys use some obscure decrepit browsers like Chrome or Firefox. At least tell me IE sucks.

rumor has it RB and BA are merging and it is going to be called beerzing.

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Originally posted by Steve_0

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So I was rating my beer on, when all of a sudden the browser refreshes and I find myself on, where they suggest me to subscribe to a beer magazine. I checked whois and I find out a guy named Joe Alstucker is behind it.

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follow the white rabbit...

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BeerZing is so 1995.