Before I found this site

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beers 742 º places 33 º 14:28 Sat 11/17/2012

I was spending Thanksgiving without Saison....pfft how uncivilized.

beers 552 º places 31 º 14:30 Sat 11/17/2012

I talked to my wife.

beers 17093 º places 816 º 14:46 Sat 11/17/2012

I had a website full of beer ratings.

beers 4410 º places 75 º 15:10 Sat 11/17/2012

I had more space in my home and closets...

beers 8559 º places 233 º 15:20 Sat 11/17/2012

Originally posted by khoffman43
I didnít have a fridge full of beer


beers 9982 º places 672 º 15:21 Sat 11/17/2012

I wasnít 21

beers 18915 º places 1031 º 15:44 Sat 11/17/2012

I always researched good beer destinations on holidays since I was a teenager.

However in 10 years lurking in the background, RB has helped me find many venues I wasnít aware of and in 3 and a half months as a member I have learnt more about breweries/beers around the world and continue to do so at a rapid pace !!!

beers 8531 º places 269 º 16:15 Sat 11/17/2012

I ate a porcupine

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Originally posted by dmac
I wasted holidays talking and socializing with family and friends. Now I sit home alone and tick away, hello Thanksgiving and lots of new pale lager ratings!!!

Im not sure whats gonna be worse pale lagers or my Jets...

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Originally posted by drowland
I ate a porcupine