Before I found this site

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beers 920 º places 11 º 21:21 Sat 11/17/2012

I was clueless as to what is really out there in the beer world. Now I am just slightly less clueless!

beers 6267 º places 22 º 07:27 Thu 11/29/2012

For the last 4 years I have planned my vacations all about beer. 2 years around Portland which has of course Belmont Station. Another 2 years around Seattle which has 99 Bottles and Bottle Works. If I cannot acquire at least 100 beers on a 2 week vacation or at least 50 beers on a week vacation, then it is not worthwhile for me. These numbers include what I consume during vacation and what I can bring back to Canada combined.

beers 106 º 07:33 Thu 11/29/2012

I didnít know what lambic was.

beers 25 º places 15 º 08:16 Thu 11/29/2012

I used to think $10 six packs were expensive.

beers 1668 º places 40 º 08:30 Thu 11/29/2012

I spent 7 weeks in Europe oblivious to the veritable gold mine of delicious beer surrounding me. I shall forever regret not finding RB one year sooner...

beers 1193 º places 109 º 08:59 Thu 11/29/2012

I was actually having sex on the regular...

10:03 Thu 11/29/2012

I did not exist.

places 3 º 11:53 Thu 11/29/2012

I actually got shit done when I sat down at my computer.

beers 999 º places 47 º 14:44 Thu 11/29/2012

I was confident in my sexuality. Now, not so much.

beers 2451 º places 227 º 14:51 Thu 11/29/2012

My liver and I would talk, now we just scream at each other.