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I make out-of-the-way stops on family vacations.

beers 3 º 15:59 Thu 11/29/2012

Mickeyís 40ís were considered "Fancy"

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Sure I used to like to try some different beers but for me, something like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or Kwak were the pinnacle of quality and my regular beer drinking was mostly restricted to imported pale lagers.

Itís one of my biggest regrets that I didnít get into beer earlier. Iíve travelled the world quite extensively hitting over 50 countries and I even lived in Europe for several years. I had easy, quick and cheap access to Belgium if I hadíve had the desire to fly there for the weekend. All the places I went to that Iíll never go back to and all those beers I couldíve tried
that Iíll never get to try.

But, Iím at least happy to know that Iím now into beer and not drinking naÔvely and thereís always something new to drink.

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Somewhat funny story. I had been drinking good for about 8 years when I had a brilliant idea last year to keep track of the different beers I had been drinking. Better yet i thought i would rate the beers. Honestly,I thought that I was creative in my idea. In about 10 minutes of searching for a template to start rating, i came across Ratebeer. 750 beers and a year and a half later on here, I have more knowledge then I could have fathomed. And I have barely scratched the service. I just appreciate everyones experience. Cheers!

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. . . I had far fewer amazing generous awesome friends!

The people on this site changed my life in such a great way.


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I was way into wine

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I thought Stella was as good as it gets.

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I was drinking big abv beers and was wondering why there wasnít more to choose from in Colorado 1999

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Originally posted by northernbrews
I used to think $10 six packs were expensive.


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I am crushed when the Fedex truck drives by my house without stopping. Prior to rb I would not have even noticed that vehicle.