Belated Congrats to Keir!

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STL RateBeerian Keir got married last weekend! My wife and I had the pleasure of attending and couldnít be happier for him and his one-of-a-kind wife (a seriously awesome, wonderful gal). They were going to have it outdoors in our neighborhood park but 108-degree temps drove the celebration inside to the friendly confines of Perennial Artisan Ales. First wedding Iíve ever seen in a brewery, and Perennial couldnít have been more hospitable - and I gotta admit, despite it not being in the setting they originally chose, it was pretty cool seeing nuptials take place in front of 2 dozen beers aging in bourbon and other barrels.

I meant to post this last weekend, so belated RB congrats, Keir!

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Congrats! Thatís an awesome story to tell, for sure.

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Sounds like a mash made in heaven.