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Reads 1768 • Replies 13 • Started Saturday, September 22, 2012 3:18:18 AM CT

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beers 13 º places 2 º 03:18 Sat 9/22/2012

Hi there,

I just opened a new Belgian Beer Webshop : Belgianbeerz.com
The shop only contains 220 beers for now, but that number will increase drastically in the coming months. Our aim is to get to around 1000 beers.

In order to launch the shop and to get as much initial feedback as possible, we offer every member or visitor of Ratebeer a discount of 15% on every order made before October 15th 2012 (discount only on the beers – not on the shipping costs and only for orders smaller than 20 kg).

Just enter discount code ‘Disc 15’ on the last screen before checkout.

Looking forward to your feedback !

Best regards,


beers 1307 º places 37 º 10:05 Sat 9/22/2012

Looks cool with Decent prices, but in order to get more people to buy something i’d say try to collect some more specialized or microbreweries in your list on your way to your 1000 beers assortment.
Maybe try to get some small lambic brewerys in as well , especially for people overseas :-)
Good luck !

beers 10017 º places 672 º 11:48 Sat 9/22/2012

Like the poster above, international users will most likely only use webshops for buying beers that are highly coveted and not for sale in their home country or are prohibitively scarce or expensive. That ends up being stuff like Drie Fonteinen, Cantillon and then Struise, Fantome.

beers 1701 º places 129 º 13:56 Sat 9/22/2012

Very nice website, congratulations on the gui. You need smaller beer producers onboard. I wish you luck. Belle Vue in cans = good start.

beers 1963 º places 35 º 17:06 Sat 9/22/2012


Looks good, but the only way you are going to get significant purchases from the US is to stock 3 Fonteinen and Cantillon.

That and keep the shipping costs as low as you can. People don’t mind paying an extra dollar or two on lambics, but they hate getting gouged on shipping costs.

Just my 2 cents, as someone who has ordered from overseas before.

beers 2994 º places 144 º 03:01 Sun 9/23/2012

Originally posted by tdtm82
Belle Vue in cans = good start.

Most gas stations have that, along with most of the beer on the site. Which as suggested above will be a detriment until you get some more craft offerings. It looks good though.

beers 13 º places 2 º 04:50 Sun 9/23/2012

Thanks for the positive feedback everyone !

I was planning to add more beers in the coming weeks, and I’ll make sure to include Drie Fonteinen and Cantillon.

beers 13 º places 2 º 08:14 Sun 10/7/2012

I just added several beers, most of them lambic. Not just 3 Fonteinen and Cantillon, but also Girardin, Hanssens, …

More to follow in the coming weeks.


06:07 Tue 10/9/2012

I tried to check out and for Quebec Canada it’s 121 Euros for shipping for 1 bottle… a bit expensive

beers 13 º places 2 º 11:46 Tue 10/9/2012

Originally posted by AleHunter
I tried to check out and for Quebec Canada it’s 121 Euros for shipping for 1 bottle… a bit expensive

Unfortunately Canada falls in the most expsensive shippig category.
But on the other hand, shipping costs increase every 10 kg. So shipping cost for 1 bottle is indeed 127 Euro, but for 10 bottles it’ll still be 127 Euro ;-). See the ’shipping’ tab on the website for more details.

beers 1963 º places 35 º 12:33 Tue 10/9/2012

You need to carry fou foune, mamouche and the Lou Pepe series just to name a few, or else most sour noobs will scroll past.