Berserker release

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06:29 Sat 6/23/2012

Any word on when berserker will be available?

beers 4230 º places 71 º 14:04 Mon 6/25/2012

Per their twitter account:

Which doesn’t seem like the case since June is almost over. I remember reading a thread on BA in the Northwest forum and I think a lot of the word going around was early fall.

beers 1021 º places 13 º 18:07 Thu 8/9/2012

saw that Berserker was released this week for you folks in the Pac NW. anyone think they may be able to help me out with a couple bottles? BM me and i’m sure we could work out a deal.

beers 4965 º places 286 º 18:13 Thu 8/9/2012

As far as I know it was released at the brewery only with bottle limits per day of 6. Distribution will take longer.

beers 3 º 21:03 Fri 9/21/2012

It has hit stores in what seems to be VERY limited quantities. You’re best bet is to start calling around.

beers 9367 º places 1571 º 23:46 Fri 9/21/2012

Belmont Station