Best beer on a budget?

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Yuengling Black and Tan is a good budget beer. Michelob Porter and Fosters Ale are also two other cheap beers that are actually good.

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lagunitas hop stoopid. $4 a bomber.

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Torpedo tall boy four packs $6.99. Uinta Dubhe Ibipa - 100+ ibus, 9.2% abv and $8.99 a fourpack.

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Originally posted by stumpyiliz
Torpedo tall boy four packs $6.99. Uinta Dubhe Ibipa - 100+ ibus, 9.2% abv and $8.99 a fourpack.

Why are these beers so expensive near me? I really do like the Unita Dubhe but itís $11-12.00 a four pack. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!!

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Originally posted by Beerguybri
I should also say I have a real soft spot for"big" beers.

Old Rasputin is a good "Big" beer deal usually.

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Originally posted by kdm1984
Do you get anything by Lagunitas? They are a high quality brewer that tends to sell cheap, and tend to be widely available. Also, if heís just sampling, nothing wrong with the bomber recommendations. Few things are worse than getting a six-pack thatís a drainpour, especially after someone recommended it and it turned out to not suit your palate. I like to mix up bombers and six-packs myself for that very reason.

Iíve always thought that Lagunitas Hop Stoopid is one of the best value beers in terms of quality and flavor for the price. Pretty widely available at just over $3.00 for a 22 oz. bottle.

Port Brewing Santas Little Helper Imperial Stout is only about $6.99 and tastes as good or better than many $20 stouts.

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Start homebrewing- even using extract it costs about 1/2 to make any given beer once your equipement is bought (which can be quite modest for an extract setup, around $100). Itís nice to have a hobby that actually saves you money! As far as store bought, I rarely pay over $8/six pack for most micro brews- maybe Colorado has less tax than other places like NY- suprised to see $10 considered "budget" beer (but then again Iím not a fan of high-alcohol beers)

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Southern Tier, Lagunitas, and Terrapin are the most affordable in my top 50. Schlafly and Long Trail are serviceable, as well. Iím not ashamed to say that I enjoy a Saranac every now and then.

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Any in the SN lineup.