best beer youve had with a pizza

Reads 6289 • Replies 47 • Started Monday, July 2, 2012 7:06:16 PM CT

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beers 2244 º places 26 º 20:08 Mon 7/2/2012

American Pale Ale

beers 1589 º places 63 º 20:33 Mon 7/2/2012

Usually a light lager.

beers 2585 º places 182 º 20:49 Mon 7/2/2012

Pliny. But also Trumer Pils. PIls in general is a good call. So is a lighter (in malt flavor) and dryer pale ale/IPA.

beers 3721 º places 367 º 21:52 Mon 7/2/2012

I LOVE SNCA or SNPA with pizza. anything with a dry, resinous hop character usually works well.

beers 353 º places 60 º 21:58 Mon 7/2/2012

The pizza was good, not the best I’ve ever had, but the Lou P Lin at Pizza Port Solana I’ll never forget. Yummy.

beers 4237 º places 125 º 22:51 Mon 7/2/2012

The best beer I have had with pizza was at Russian River brewpub in Nov 2006 when I had a Russian River Desperation (and got two growlers to take home). I wish Tommie and Vinnie would get together and collaborate to produce that again sometime.

beers 2520 º places 12 º 00:57 Tue 7/3/2012

Olmaia PVK

beers 1307 º places 44 º 02:25 Tue 7/3/2012

APAs, Pilsners are my usual choices with pizza. Duvel also pairs great with a simple pepperoni pizza.

beers 1307 º places 37 º 04:12 Tue 7/3/2012

i rarely drink beer with pizza since i think that kinda destroys the good flavour of the pizza and the beer ... i rather eat my pizza and afterwards drink a beer ... in between it’s mostly just water i’m drinking ...

Atough when i do it’s always something bitter or mildly hopy :-)

beers 3042 º places 32 º 04:18 Tue 7/3/2012

Moretti La Rossa goes great with pizza and red sauce pasta.