Best Beershop in Germany

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beers 4178 º places 136 º 03:09 Sun 3/11/2012

Are there are suggestions where I can find a beer shop in germany with the widest choice of beers. Preferably in Nordrhein-Westfalen/Niedersachsen, near the Dutch border if it is possible. But addresses throughout the country may of course, there is a good reason to go out that direction sometimes. Whether there should be a function on to choose from a country where you can search direcdtly to beer shops, and if possible with an map.

beers 13810 º places 349 º 09:15 Sun 3/11/2012

I recommend Bierzwerg in Greven. Just an hours drive from Hengelo.

beers 21506 º places 699 º 14:37 Sun 3/11/2012

The map functionality you are talking about has been developed and is being worked on right now.
I just checked that at the moment is not working properly...
I will bring this thread up to the man behind.

beers 21506 º places 699 º 14:38 Sun 3/11/2012

By the way, are you looking for:
- traditional German beers
- German beers, new trends, non traditional
- foreign beers

beers 21506 º places 699 º 13:03 Mon 3/12/2012

I’ve been told that it has been fixed now!

Go to Places, then World Map;
switch to "fullscreen", uncheck the selectors on the top-right and keep "stores" only, move the map to Europe/Germany and zoom in a few times (the big placemarks get replaced by individual placemarks)

beers 4178 º places 136 º 14:17 Mon 3/12/2012

Thank you both for the information. I prefer traditional German brews, but rarities are always welcome.

beers 1307 º places 44 º 14:50 Mon 3/12/2012

Bierzwerg +1. Check their eshop, they also feature a new brewery every month (7 beers)

beers 283 º places 44 º 17:19 Mon 3/12/2012

I don’t think there is such a thing as "the best" - it really depends on what you are looking for and where you are. But I agree with the others: Bierzwerg has a very wide selection of traditional German Beers (and more). I have not yet visited their new store, but they indeed have a good online shop. If you happen to go to Nuremberg and are looking for Franconian beers, I can recommend Landbierparadies. And if you find yourself in Hamburg, stop by Bierland. It’s very small, but it has the best beer selection you will find in the area.

beers 4178 º places 136 º 13:15 Fri 3/16/2012

Also thanks for the info.

beers 6088 º places 269 º 14:04 Fri 6/22/2012

I am deeply in love with BierZwerg.

Also, it seems good enough to have warranted a second place entry:
(a little help, admins? :) )

beers 6 º places 2 º 03:24 Sun 6/24/2012

The only thing about them that irritates me is, when I order something that is actually out of stock (despite being listed on the webbie), they’ll substitute something else, unfortunately something else that’s usually not that good. But this has happened only a couple of times. And the complete lack of response to either emails or phone calls.

But otherwise, yeah, Bierzwerg’s fabulous. The online shop anyway, never been there in person.