Best brews on a budget

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Doesnít meet your $.75/12oz. requirements, but hop bomb homebrewed IPAs (<$1/12oz.) and St. Pauli Girl ($1/12oz.). For decent craft beer - Widmer Drifter and Rotator IPA @ $1.50/12oz.

Bulk IPAs you can get down to $.50/12oz. If youíre buying hops at less than $1/ounce, using 8-10 ounces, bulk malt at $.60/pound. Works out to about $20 or so for 5 gallons, including yeast.

Those #ís are a bit low for the average homebrewer without a connection to cheaper products - and I use a bit more hops than that. Also donít forget about propane, water used, depreciation on equipment and ancillaries, CO2 used, cleaning/sanitizing agents, beer soaked up by dry hops, yeast pours, etc. My 10 gal. batches of 6% IPA comes in about $70 easily - so hovering around the $.75 mark I guess - more for higher abv versions.

I was more saying that itís completely feasible. And I am accounting for "spillage." As to depreciation of equipment, that is remarkably low. If you have gas included in your rent, water included in your rent, etc. Iíll tack on $1.50 for cleaning though...

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For the sake of clarity, to qualify as "cheap" this beer should:
-For a 12oz serving, be 75 cents or less

Just thought Iíd re-post this quote, since most replies in this thread demonstrate a clear lack of reading comprehension.

We also canít comprehend how anyone can stoop so low as to drink 75c or less, 12 oz swill.

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I donít drink $.75 swill but I do usually pick up a case of Mission Street Anniversary Ale brewed by Firestone and available at Trader Joes for $2.99 a bomber each year which works out to $1.50 per serving.