Best CBC so far?

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beers 18838 º places 615 º 13:06 Sun 5/15/2016

So what do you think about Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2016?

To me this was the best year so far. Great venue, and none of the beers were running out terribly fast, lots of seatings, and just wonderful so meet so many RB-friends.


beers 2900 º places 125 º 13:20 Sun 5/15/2016

Loving all the pics coming back. If you have any please post here.

What were the highlights for you? What aspects of the festival improved?

beers 18838 º places 615 º 13:24 Sun 5/15/2016

Better venue, less crowded even if there were more people attending. No beers were running out very fast, maybe since there were so many amazing breweries gathered.
I hope they keep it like this for many years to come. :)

beers 4450 º places 120 º 14:04 Sun 5/15/2016

I was a bit sceptical at first when I saw the line outside, but I have to agree with every single word. Perfect venue and almost no beers ran out. Great festival and I look forward to attending next year.

beers 5019 º places 97 º 14:06 Sun 5/15/2016

Originally posted by joetWhat were the highlights for you? What aspects of the festival improved?

I had a great time. Bewerage quality was insane and while there were plenty of people the brewers took their time for pleasant and interesting short talks about their stuff. Venue was much better than previous years. Acoustics were less loud. Lots of people but enough beer for everyone. Arrived late on the first session and after almost 3 hours I could still tick all my top wants for that session except a few. Not sure how many tickets were still available by this felt perfectly balanced regarding amount of people, volume of beer and area of location.

Only minor complaint is that it would have been more fun if the Nordic bar was placed in a more central location and not off around a corner. That space could have been used for seating instead.

Oh, and this year mead kicked beers ass. And Superstition Meadery are truly killing it.

beers 5000 º places 92 º 14:29 Sun 5/15/2016

It was great. Very well run. No problems with beer running out for me either, I was too hungover to be there at opening on Saturday, but when I showed up an hour later I could still go up to Hill Farmstead and get their beers.

One of the most hyped breweries (or whatever) was most definitely Bokkereyder. Solid stuff. No line for Three Floyds most of the time (which was not the case earlier). Except for Dark Lord. Can’t believe people still queue 30 minutes for that beer...

My favorite part is as usual to meet old and new friends. Especially RateBeer people. One of my most fond memories will be drinking beer outside Fermentoren with DSG, Ariel, rlgk and others this afternoon. Beer people are the best.

I only have one pic offered, but it is a solid one.

beers 18838 º places 615 º 14:48 Sun 5/15/2016

Definately a solid picture!

Nice meeting you too, was a great relaxed sunday!

beers 15096 º places 259 º 14:57 Sun 5/15/2016

Has to complain about one thing:
I heard some Danish beer guys talking about Scandinavian Bar and how there is not Finnish Breweries because organizers think that Finland is not part of Scandinavia!
First of all that sounds very stupid and secondly I really hope that we will someday see Finnish brewery in CBC.
Overall event was excellent and I enjoyed lot.

beers 26611 º places 357 º 15:02 Sun 5/15/2016

Have to agree with the previous comments. Best year so far imho. Really hope it will be at the same venue next year,


-Superstition Grand Cru Berry - just wow.

-Bokkereyder had some great stuff on (and at other venues during the beer week)

-The queue within seconds of opening of each session for Sante Adairius/Rare Barrel was something to behold! :)

-Whoever provided the French Polynesia tick in the CBC queue, bad beer but nice rare country tick cheers!, and the CBC queue in general which is always fun catching up with others from near and far.

Lots more could comment on positively but just overall a great event and beer week build up (Hill Farmstead takeover at Warpigs was nuts), just so glad we have a bank holiday here tomorrow to chill and recover! :D

Until next time!

beers 37850 º places 1204 º 16:07 Sun 5/15/2016

Queue for rare barrel ??? Go to the brewpub and quickly get bored of OK but overly acidic and samey 3.5/3.6 rated sours !!!

beers 8380 º places 177 º 01:08 Mon 5/16/2016

First time for me at CBC but me and my father had a great time. Awsome beer and very friendly people. I’m very impressed at how fast you got in despite the very long queues. I think we arrived at 09:45 on friday and was inside around 10:10. After that it just took a few minutes to get in.

The only downside was that it got quite crowded at some places, would have been nice with a bit more room. Maybe use more of the venue next year? Would also have loved some standing tables to write notes on. Allot of times I used the little nooks at the base of the pillars.

I really hope I can make it to next years festival. :)