Birmingham - Friday afternoon/evening

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beers 7533 º places 715 º 04:04 Thu 7/4/2013

Thought Id start a separate thread about this to avoid it getting submerged in the main thread.

We are due to arrive at Snow Hill tommorrow just before 2pm. After checking in at our hotel we should be pubbing by 2.30. Weve arranged to meet up with jmgreenuk at 7pm in the Wellington.

Cant remember who else said they would be up for a few drinks but I imagine anyone working in Birmingham would probably want an earlier meet up than 7pm. Nominate your time & place. If there are other places youd want to hit it might be handy to mention them here so that we dont go there earlier. And exchanging mobile numbers by beermail might not be a bad idea either.


beers 4499 º places 332 º 09:09 Thu 7/4/2013

Chris, I will try and see you tomorrow afternoon, hopefully at 4.30, but maybe at 5.00. You definitely need to visit the Craven and Victoria, so I can lead you/meet you there.

beers 2574 º places 189 º 13:04 Thu 7/4/2013

Have a great time everyone on Fri and Sat. One day soon Im going to be out on one of these.