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beers 2648 º places 109 º 15:51 Wed 5/15/2013

Anything interesting or of note here? I tried a flight over the weekend..

beers 5142 º places 54 º 15:53 Wed 5/15/2013

can still taste my first sip of surly bitter brewer. hopefully more showing up soon.

Our local place just got hepworth in recently. Might qualify as an ESB, but very tasty. Looks like the reviewers don't agree with me though.

beers 9501 º places 207 º 16:29 Wed 5/15/2013

I think he means cocktail bitters...

beers 1100 º places 24 º 10:50 Thu 5/16/2013

Where my wife is from, they sell some orange bitters. It's like eating a crate of orange peels in a single drop.
Angostura, IIRC.

11:03 Thu 5/16/2013

You should try sperm whale bitters.

beers 1069 º places 32 º 11:04 Thu 5/16/2013

Blood Orange Bitters are my favorite in cocktails. Always wanted to try my hand at making bitters.

Also had a beer the other day with bitters in it. Cannot for the life of me remember what it was. Maybe it was a home brew or even a mead. All I remember is it was interesting.

beers 3260 º places 138 º 11:05 Thu 5/16/2013

Brooklyn Mission Fig Bitters are the best damn bitters I've ever tasted.

11:15 Thu 5/16/2013

I've been enjoying the hell out of seltzer plus heavy hand of Urban Moonshine bitters.

beers 5301 º places 174 º 02:46 Thu 5/23/2013

working my way through some of the fee brothers selection after reading this fab book

beers 1550 º places 12 º 17:40 Wed 6/5/2013

Made some batches of my own back in October. They lack the punch of professionally made examples. I'm guessing it has to do with the proof of the extracting liquid (151 is the highest available in FL) and quality/freshness of flavoring and bittering agents (source was a local natural medicine joint). We used the BT Parsons book mentioned above as a recipe guide, making orange, grapefruit, and BTP House bitters exactly by the book, and remixing lemon bitters by adding fresh ginger root and fresno chiles.

beers 234 º places 12 º 17:48 Wed 6/5/2013

Angostura is my usual go-to for bitters. There's nothing quite like a quarter ounce to calm an upset stomach, and it makes quite a nice manhattan/pink gin.