Black Forest Ham (The Real Stuff)

Reads 3468 • Replies 18 • Started Friday, October 19, 2012 11:28:59 AM CT

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beers 396 º places 16 º 11:28 Fri 10/19/2012

Just tried some of this and good God is that stuff good: deep and rich like the best prosciutto but with an incredible and potent smokiness that blew my mind. Going to have some tonight with a glass of Schlenkerla Marzen, any suggestions for accoutrement for the ham?


beers 9358 º places 1569 º 11:32 Fri 10/19/2012

anything with strong acid will pair well with fatty food. fats + acids = mmm.

beers 1589 º places 63 º 11:32 Fri 10/19/2012

If it’s the super thin fatty stuff like I’m thinking, just do what you do with prosciutto. Wrapped in melon, wrapped around grissini, serve on a plate with a few cheeses, etc.

beers 396 º places 16 º 13:11 Fri 10/19/2012

Thanks for the suggestions fellas; I’m leaning towards a few slices on a thin piece of good rye with a bit of brown mustard, maybe some cornichon on the side. I’m getting hungry.

beers 1633 º places 156 º 10:57 Wed 10/31/2012

Polish gherkin, in a sweet sour vinegar marinade with lots of onions and pepper and the lot in the glass. Together with the ham - well that is just completing your evening!

beers 10017 º places 672 º 11:08 Wed 10/31/2012

Where does one procure such yummy black forest ham?

beers 1589 º places 63 º 11:22 Wed 10/31/2012

Originally posted by GT2
Where does one procure such yummy black forest ham?

Try google bro

beers 6090 º places 245 º 14:23 Wed 10/31/2012

Schwartz Ham?

beers 3439 º places 209 º 14:37 Wed 10/31/2012

Where’d you get it from? Is it actually German? When I’ve picked some up locally from the butcher, it’s generally not super smoky, more like a kiss. Cut paper thin, it’s great. Also great stuff, if you can find it, is Speck. I should probably go ham shopping...

beers 396 º places 16 º 18:07 Wed 10/31/2012

It is German; I’m lucky enough to live near one of the best international markets in the country and they get some amazing stuff. Really stong smoke, to the point where I can smell it on my fingers still the next morning. Delicious but a little goes a long way.

beers 1720 º places 45 º 21:00 Wed 10/31/2012

Tyrolean Speck is cured, as is all Schinkenspeck. All these smoky German meats go great with Holzofenbrot (wood oven baked bread) and the mentioned Schlenkerla.