Black Forest Ham (The Real Stuff)

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beers 6579 º places 179 º 02:07 Thu 11/1/2012 , here in Dallas imports a lot of smoked meats, unfortunately we can’t get schlenkerla smoked beers here

beers 1633 º places 156 º 04:37 Mon 11/5/2012

Originally posted by blutt59 , here in Dallas imports a lot of smoked meats, unfortunately we can’t get schlenkerla smoked beers here

Another reason to visit europe...

places 2 º 05:36 Mon 11/5/2012

If you’re ever in the Tampa area, Mr. Dunderbak’s has a small deli section with plenty of the real stuff from Europe. Also (arguably) the best beer bar in the area.

beers 1 º places 4 º 13:54 Tue 4/9/2013

i’m lucky living in england. we have a massive selection of hams and sausage from all over mainland europe. i enjoy my german sausage especialy nurnemberg with bavarian weizen a great pairing
also i live in bradford in the north and we have a lot of kashmiri and indian cuisine which goes well with well hopped pale ales and ipas. beer and food i love it

beers 249 º 20:01 Tue 4/9/2013

What’s the difference between black forest ham and regular ham?

Subway switched the name of it’s ham from just ham to black forest ham at some point, and it tastes like the same exact thing (turkey processed to taste somewhat like ham, which is what it is :)). I assume that’s like when some brewers label something an IPA and it doesn’t even taste remotely like the real thing, though. What’s the real black forest ham taste like?

beers 1307 º places 44 º 00:01 Wed 4/10/2013

What’s the real black forest ham taste like?

It is cured porc thigh. Pretty much like prosciutto or serrano. However it is heavily (and uniquely spiced) during the curing process (with many spices, juniper berries, and other stuff) giving it a very distinct aroma. While prosciutto for example has a mild fragrant aroma of the porc, b.forest ham has this rustic spicy aroma, in the taste however the porc and spices are very balanced.
In Europe the name is protected , unfortunately in the states,Canada,etc you can pretty much call any similar crap , b.forest so I would suggest trying to find an imported one.



beers 5177 º places 276 º 06:44 Wed 4/10/2013

Subway - Eat Fresh.

beers 470 º places 10 º 09:23 Wed 4/10/2013

=) A good ham is such a treat.