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beers 1826 º places 120 º 13:01 Mon 10/1/2012

If this has been posted and someone wants to refer me to that thread -- please do. But my question here involves blending beers. I was thinking about brewing a christmas ale (likely a strong dark belgian or belgian quad) and was wanting chocolate and cherry flavors in the finished beer. I can accomplish the chocolate flavors easily enough with the malts and then cocao nibs and vanilla beans in secondary, but I was wondering if there would be any negative consequences of blending in some belgian kriek at the time I bottle the beer. I havent had much luck with real fruit or fruit flavorings in my 3 years of brewing, and I was just wondering if the more experienced of you could foresee any drawbacks to doing this. This appears to be the approach used by Ommegang in their Three Philosophers beer, and I guess I would just have to determine how much kriek to actually add. My wife and I have toyed around with this by adding various concentrations of Lindemans kriek to a glass of St. Bernadus (with tasty results) but not sure what would happen if I blended the two beers before bottling at the concentration of my choice. Any feedback would be useful. Thanks!

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Iíd give it a whirl. Not really anything to lose. If you keg the beer to force carbonate, just pour in a bottle or two of kriek and then let it come together and carb up.

beers 1826 º places 120 º 03:06 Tue 10/2/2012

Thanks for the feedback. I am actually going to bottle this beer, so I guess I will just dump in a bottle of two of kriek into the bottling bucket with the yeast and sugar and see what happens.

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iím the master of blending and approve this

places 1 º 07:38 Tue 10/2/2012

I think it would be ok. There is a ton of residual sugar in those Lindamans fruit beers, but I believe they use splenda or some unfermentable sugar, so I donít believe there will be anything extra for the bottling yeast to eat... but you might want to dump the bottles into the 2ndary fermenter and give it a week just to make sure.

beers 2057 º places 50 º 12:23 Tue 10/2/2012

Originally posted by might want to dump the bottles into the 2ndary fermenter and give it a week just to make sure.

I agree with this "best-practice." Iíve done plenty of blending, and inevitably one of the beers has a much higher attenuating yeast which churns through some of the leftover sugars in the other beers when intermingled. If you let that work itself out first, you can prime and bottle as usual afterwards.

13:07 Tue 10/2/2012

I actually had a similar idea recently, and happened to have a bottle of New Glarus Raspberry Tart and some BCBS that I poured into a glass. The result was not quite as good as I expected, but perhaps with some different beers, the result could be very good!

beers 2165 º places 63 º 20:30 Tue 10/2/2012

Blending beer has been going on since Adam was a pup.

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