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I am looking at doing a beer pairing dinner at a restaurant that will create the meal to suite the beers i bring in. I am thinking of starting off with Bon Chien 2006 for the salad course. I have been saving this, so I donít have a frame of reference to know if this will fit here or not. A antipasta middle course is still up in the air. I might have Alesmith Decadence Old Ale (2008?) for the main, and for dessert, either 2008 Darklord, 1998 Bigfoot, or 2005 Thomas Hardy.
I would appreciate any comments/suggestions.

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Iím not all that great at pairing, but Bon Chien seems like a bit of a heavy sour for a salad. There are usually lots of caramel notes along with the sour/vinegar notes.

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jt is correct. I dont think the Bon Chien is good for a salad. What type of dressing are you using?

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I think every beer youíve mentioned is too big for almost any dish except for dessert. The Decadence could work for a main course like lamb, but it would have to be extremely full-flavored and rich; a very rich pasta course could work as well, something like a gnocchi or cavatelli with a meaty and bold preparation. I donít think thereís a single salad that would work with a beer as aggressive as Bon Chien.

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Malty beers are going to work well generally with the sweet starch of pasta, as well as with the alignment of caramelization from seared sort of preparation on a piece of meat or fish, as long as the overall character of the beer isnít too big for the dish (aka donít do Decadence with seared grouper/halibut). Things as high gravity/roasty/chocolatey as the Dark Lord or Hardyís really are suited best for dessert, and frankly I think would work better as digestifs on their own.

places 2 º 05:57 Wed 8/8/2012

Be careful with the 2006.
Some of this was carry-over from the soapy/chemically 2005.
Iíd check one if you have extra bottles.

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Originally posted by flabeer
Be careful with the 2006.
Some of this was carry-over from the soapy/chemically 2005.
Iíd check one if you have extra bottles.

Although the ratings donít seem to reflect it, for some reason.
Bon Chien...good!
Bon Chien 2005, not so good.

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Bone Chillin souds awesome!

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Iím with Billicus.