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beers 3 º 16:32 Mon 8/20/2012

What does everybody use for nice quality bottle labels? Looking to bottle some 750s. Thanks!

beers 8 º 16:54 Mon 8/20/2012

How many are you bottling? I tend to go a little over board and use nice, but thinner, cardstock or paper. You can get nice paper relatively cheap in the scrapbooking section of arts and craft stores, usually. Then just double sided tape or a string spray adhesive should work well.

beers 3 º 17:41 Mon 8/20/2012

Iíll probably bottle about 25 or so. What is string spray?

beers 8 º 18:39 Mon 8/20/2012

Sorry, was posting from my phone and itís hard to see what Iím doing. Dumb phone. Was supposed to say "a STRONG spray adhesive". Depending on how big you print the label, you can fit like three labels on an 8.5x11" sheet of paper and it wouldnít require too much paper/cutting/etc. I think 25 is a reasonable number to do it all manually. You can always by label stock, though. Would definitely make your life easier and it comes in a lot of sizes, it just wonít be as nice of a paper/finish.

These were done with the process I first mentioned, printing/cutting/etc manually.

beers 3 º 19:14 Mon 8/20/2012

Wow those are really nice! Where do you get spray adhesive?

19:42 Mon 8/20/2012

You could always do like Kuhnhenn and print them out on a dot-matrix printer from 1984, and attach them to the bottle with a half bottle of elmers glue per label. You must do this pre-bottling though, so when you bottle you can stain up the labels with beer.

beers 8629 º places 274 º 19:56 Mon 8/20/2012

Trust Pat, he is helping make awesome graphics for my brewery!

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