Brackets Box Distribution/Post Your Haul 2012

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beers 125 º places 11 º 08:26 Fri 5/18/2012

Awesome box from lukin013 on Wednesday
DuClaw Soul Jacker 22oz
DuClaw Imperial Chocolate Rye Porter 22oz
DuClaw Double Naked Fish 22oz
Bells Expedition Stout 12oz

beers 1050 º places 128 º 06:55 Fri 5/25/2012

From beernbourbon:
Perennial Abraxas, Perennial Saison de Lis, 2nd Shift Unicorn Killer Saison, 2nd Shift Brew Cocky.

beers 1050 º places 128 º 09:16 Thu 5/31/2012

Anybody else still waiting on boxes?

beers 125 º places 11 º 09:45 Tue 6/5/2012

A little behind on this, but I received my box from rob. Victory Dark Intruige, Duck Rabbit Rabid Duck, and Six row porter.

Still waiting on two others.

beers 1050 º places 128 º 08:55 Fri 6/15/2012

Waiting on 5 boxes. In talks with 3 of them but 2 are still MIA.

beers 1050 º places 128 º 06:50 Mon 6/25/2012

From Hopscotch dropped off in person:
Growlers of
Tequesta Rye IPA
Due South Category 4

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