Brauerei Burkhard Bange, Lübeck

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23:17 Sat 8/27/2016

In 1996 I visited Lübeck whit some friends. When we was there we visited a small brewery, Brauerei Burkhard Bange, in Kronsforder Allee 132. Is there any that know if this brewery still exist?

beers 8413 º places 470 º 05:29 Sun 8/28/2016

According to the db and Wikipedia (übecker_Brauereigeschichte ), Brauberger is the only brewery left in Lübeck.

07:31 Tue 8/30/2016

Thank you for your answer. It is strange that there is only one brewery left in Lübeck, consider the trends whit rising numbers of small breweries in Europe.

beers 1452 º places 1905 º 15:33 Tue 8/30/2016

It’s not in the CAMRA German Breweries book published in 2006 so been closed a long time.